King of Party Games

Rebelz games is an internationally active party game developer based in the beautiful city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The goal of Rebelz Games is to be the absolute “King of Party Games” by producing the most creative, crazy and challenging games.

For each special occasion, from a regular college party to a bachelorette party, from a day at the beach to a Halloween fright night, Rebelz Games has got your back!

Check out #MadWish and see what Rebelz Games is all about!

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The Rebelz

The Rebelz are our heroes. They are 12 colorful characters representing 6 different sub-cultures that appear in all of our games.

We promote diversity, individuality and freedom of expression. That’s why we created the Rebelz. Each couple represent a different lifestyle and personality but they’re made from the same shape, they are ONE!

There’s one more Rebel to talk about, the one that inspires all of us and the reason why we exist…The 13th Rebel is YOU! Thank you for inspiring us and for being a part of our world.

King of party games

We are currently working hard on producing and getting the product to you. Your MadPong set is expected to reach you at end of March 2018.

For more information or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.