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Madwish Logo Small
Madwish Logo Small


What is MadWish?

MadWish Pro is the king of Truth or Dare games.

It brings breaking the ice and getting to know your friends to a whole new level. Besides Truth or Dare, there are group assignments and snitches. Will you answer the question or take the dare? If not, shots up!

Prepare for a party full of laughter, naughtiness, flirting and many shocking revelations.
But keep one thing in mind:

Don’t hate me, hate the game!

Truth or dare beer game 2

MadWish Pro

MadWish is truth and dare, and even more. The bottle can land on five different outcomes.

Truth – Answer the question, if not take a shot.
Dare – Do as you’re told, if not take a shot.
Snitch – Point out any player and decide what he/she has to do.
Shot – This one is self-explanatory.
Go – This is a group assignment. You have to perform it and all co-players have to mimic you. The last one to do so, must take a shot


In MadWish, the true power lies in its 250 unique assignments. Each has undergone a selection procedure depending on how hilarious and exciting it is.

The result is assignments that will make you push each other’s buttons and see new sides of your friends you’d never thougth possible. Bring this Truth or Dare Game to any party, and it will turn it into a giant success!

That’s why only one rule applies:

Don’t hate me, Hate the Game!

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Madwish app

Check out our fans’ party pictures playing MadWish. No matter how many people are at your party, everyone can play this ridiculously cringe worthy game from two to one hundred. Playing MadWish is your own responsibility, no one’s secrets are safe anymore!


Play Truth or Dare anywhere!

Whether you’re staying in or heading to the club, open the MadWish App and go crazy. The MadWish App is basicly MadWish, but on your phone.

Contains hundreds of crazy assignments guaranteed to cause ridiculous and hilarious situations. Besides Truth and Dare, there are group assignments and even shots.

Contains a game mode with suitable assignments for each type of event.

MadWish - Truth or Dare
MadWish - Truth or Dare
Developer: Rebelzgames
Price: Free+
‎MadWish Truth or Dare
‎MadWish Truth or Dare
Developer: Rebelz Games
Price: Free+
Madwish app

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MadWish Pro

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