Spin the bottle!

Whether you’re staying in or heading to the club, open MadWish Pro and get ready for the best moments in life with your friends!

Truth – Answer the question, if not take a shot.
Dare – Do as you’re told, if not take a shot.
Go – This is a group assignment. You have to perform it and all co-players have to mimic you. The last one to do so, must take a shot.
Snitch – Point out any player and decide what he/she has to do.
Shot – This one is self-explanatory.

MadWish Pro is the best way to test your friendship.


With its 250 unique assignments, MadWish Pro is the best ice breaker for any party. Refusing an assignment is punished by having to take a shot.

After each shot, your courage level goes up until the error mode takes control. This guarantees the most hilarious and legendary time of your life. You will learn who your friends really are: steady as the rocks, or treacherous as the sea!

That’s why only one rule applies:
Don’t Hate Me, Hate The Game!

King of party games