Russia is not about its attractions or places, it is about its people!

Here is a bit information about having fun in such a big country.

As everywhere, there are different ways to make a party in Russia:

  • House patry;
  • Club party;
  • Open air patry (or dacha patry).

Most of the time Russian people need some special case for creating parties (birthday, important holiday, graduation and etc).

All the parties are usually starting from the light alcohol
(beer, sider, vine, shampane).

Then everyone have relaxed and met with each other, it is time for a strong alcohol (vodka, whiskey, cognac, tequila, liquor). Russians like to mix strong drinks with juice or soda (coca cola, pepsi).

When people are getting drunk they are usually dancing and singing in karaoke. Then they can decide to play some games.

Here are the most popular party games in Russia:

  • Mafia (Werewolf);
  • Crocodile;
  • Durak (Fool);
  • Vint;
  • Spin the bottle;
  • Who are you?;
  • Never have I ever…

It seems pretty much the same way of having parties as everywhere, but let’s go deeply and see what new things can be in Russian fun pastime!

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