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Everybody loves drinking, of course. Every country has there own habits and games. We searched the best drinking games from different countries for you to try and enjoy! Some are really weird and some you have maybe heard from before. We did a part one and two already already. Here is part three, even weirder than the first two.

Cuba – Jenga Drinking Game

Who doesn’t know the game Jenga? The game consists of 54 wooden rectangular blocks that you stack per 3 blocks. You stack the blocks perpendicular. Slowly try to remove the blocks and place them on top of the pile. The only difference with Jenga is that the Cubans add a large amount of rum. Every time you are the one who causes the stack to fall over, you drink what is still in your glass in one go. Of course it becomes more and more difficult because you get more and more drunk and it is very difficult to build that pile. 

Russia – Bear Paw

In this game the only goal is to drink as much as possible and there is, of course, something the Russians are very good at, and that is drinking vodka. You sit in a circle and give a glass of beer around, each person in the circle takes a sip. After the first round, they replace everything from the glass that is drunk with vodka and goes off for another round of gulps. This continues until it is ultimately only vodka. If it is only vodka, they will refill it with beer. So it’s not really a drinking game, but rather a way to get shitfaced very quickly. To quote Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls, “That’s the most evil thing I can imagine.”

Vietnam – Drunken chicken

Do you happen to have a chicken head somewhere? This is the time to use it. All you need is the chicken head, a bowl and a dish. It is a bit of an inhumane game, but for the sociopaths among us it is of course, a lot of fun. In turns everyone shakes the bowl and saucer and lifts it down, lifts the saucer off the bowl and which way the chicken head points that person should drink. If you do not have a chicken head you can of course also use other objects.

Australia – South African Shotgun

Despite the name, this beer game comes from Australia. You need two people and some cans of beer. In turn you smash a closed can of beer as hard as possible against your forehead. You keep doing this until the can splashes open. The person who breaks the can may hand out a normal shotgun. For the ignorant, with a normal shotgun you poke a hole in the bottom of a can of beer with a key, after which you drink it very quickly.

Brasil – Jogo do Não

This is a simple game, but it is still difficult to fall into the trap. During the game you only have one rule: you can never, no matter how, use the word “no”. It requires creativity, because you now have to come up with new ways to say no while this is forbidden territory. Every time you use the word ‘no’, you need to drink. 

This was part three of the drinking games around the world series, we have so many more in store for you! I hope you are enjoy this wile reading and maybe you might try one of the games out. Drink responsible!

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