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RebelzGames Crew

About Rebelz Games

Rebelz Games is a dynamic game and entertainment company committed to making parties come alive. The games it offers are highly interactive that audiences can enjoy with their friends and family.

Rebelz Games takes cool concepts and makes them more exciting, daring and exhilarating. Like Madwish, based on the classic truth and dare game, we added group assignments to it. It managed to become the best selling party game at Spencer Gifts in only two months. And the recently released MadPong, an evolved version of beer pong. It went viral on Facebook with sixteen million views in one month and more than a thousand pre-orders with its Kickstarter campaign.

In a digital era where people are becoming more isolated, by means of its games, Rebelz Games’ goal is to bring people back together with its games and make them enjoy each other again.