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About Rebelz Games

You’re here to know a bit more about us? Well, we’re a small company from the Netherlands and we love making games as you probably have already guessed from the rest of the website. The company has been around for upwards of 10 years and has been making games ever since.

Our early roots include games for kids and some sex games, what a weird combination, right? Now we’re only focused on making party and drinking games that you can play when you get together with friends.

Our team consists of mostly young talent, a combination of designers and some guys for marketing so you can actually find the games when you look for them. Also, who knows better what should get into the games than the young people who actually do party?

Our goal in this business is to get people together to create some memories together, we’re a bit bothered by the amount that is spent on using electronics to stay at home and isolated.

What has kept us going in chasing our goal so far was the feedback we have gotten from players of our games over the years, to see some of it make sure to check out #madwish on Instagram.

We try to constantly create new games that will do well at parties, to make sure that they are actually fun we try them in the office on weekends, and trust us: We do not skimp on the drinking! It’s our kind of Certificate of Quality, if everyone is happy with the state of the game we release it. This is how we have done it with our Beer Pong Game: MadPong and our Adult Truth or Dare Game: MadWish and this is how it will always continue.

We hope this is everything you wanted to know about us!