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About Rebelz Games

Who we are

Rebelz Games is a board game producer based in the Netherlands that develops innovative board games for people to enjoy in party settings all over the globe. Our mission is to use our creativity and analytical skills to produce board games that will bring people together and give them a unique party experience.

Currently we’re scaling-up our business and are looking for new partners to integrate into our sales channel. We aim to become an established high-quality game manufacturer and invite those who also see opportunity in our industry to cooperate with us.

What we do

An important selling point of our games is that we take already proven concepts in board games like Game of the Goose, as well as “elements that work” from established card games. We combine these elements with party games like truth or dare to offer a really distinct party experience.

This combination offers an enhanced experience and increased value for our customers. It’s even lead to massive sales of our products in the U.S. and has raised brand awareness for our games MadWish and MadPong.

Our team consists of young professionals whose interests, demographics and passions align with the characteristics of our target audience. We continually seek input from our staff on game ideas to test and improve concepts.

Get in touch with us

Retailers are welcome to contact us about our offerings and stocking our products in their stores. You can reach us by filling out our contact form or by sending an email to You could also call our management team at +31 68 45 17 70 9.

We’re open to sponsorships and providing our games in bulk for gift bags.