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RebelzGames Crew

About Us

We have been in the party game business for twelve years now and we are constantly inventing new games. Check out #MadWish and see for yourself!

We love playing beer pong ourselves and we find it an amazing party game. At all of our own parties, beer pong would be present. We had been playing with the idea of giving beer pong a twist of our own for a while. Then our friend and client retailer explained us how popular beer pong is. Beer pong products were selling rapidly from his store. He asked us why we didn’t have any beer pong products. That pushed us to make the leap of making an already amazing game even better!

Our goal was to create a new version of beer pong without any of the downsides it already has and to make it even more exciting and inclusive for all people present at a party.

As you are surely familiar with, during a match the ping pong ball has a way of ending up in the filthiest places, which then ends up in the refreshing beer together with the filth it gathered. Re-designing the cup in a way that a barricade could be placed inside ended up being the perfect solution to this problem.

But we didn’t stop there. By giving the cups a hexagonal shape, we managed to make them more durable and fit flush in a setup. Making the game more challenging and fun to play.

To make beer pong more inclusive and exciting for everyone present, we figured that a game element was still missing. We added challenges to the game meant to get everyone present more involved and cause hilarious and fun moments. As a punishment for losing a challenge, you have to take a shot!

All in all, we believe we created an excellent party game that turns any party into a mad one. Hence the name: “Mad Pong“.