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MadPong is played like regular beer pong, until someone scores. The opponent has to perform a challenge, which the whole group has to mimic, resulting in ridiculous and hilarious moments. The last player to perform the challenge takes a shot!

MadPong has special cups that fit flush and protect your drink from a dirty ball. Inside each cup is a challenge card which ensures that everybody at your party gets involved!

Madpong vs. Beerpong

The especially designed cups contain a challenge card for all players which makes the game more interactive and keeps the beer clean!

Eliminate all the negative aspects within beer pong.

  • No more hairy/dusty balls in your refreshing beer.
  • No more wasted space between the cups.
  • No more just one-on-one game competition.
  • No more dull moments during your party.
  • No more just beer, shots are also included.
No more dirty balls

100 MadPong Challenges

100 MadPong Challenges


What are these so called “MAD cards”? These waterproof cards act as a shield from a dirty ball and represent the 100 hilarious challenges the game has to offer. These challenges vary from touching the fattest person in the room to showing off your twerking skills. We purposely designed these assignment cards with images instead of text, this way it’s easy for everyone to understand even when you’re tipsy!

Each card is made of PVC material which is very resistant, durable, harmless, dishwasher proof and of course beer proof.

King of party games

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