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The best thing since beer pong

MadPong™ is everything what beer pong is missing. It is 100% hygienic, no more filth in your drink and all cups contain an assignment.

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Who are we?

We are Rebelz Games, a fresh, innovative and dynamic entertainment company based in The Netherlands. We operate from the great city of Rotterdam with a multi-cultural staff which is key for the success and diversity of our products. Rebelz Games was founded back in 2005 by Bulent Yildiz, an entrepreneur who had the vision of changing the board game industry, which hadn’t had any great innovation since Monopoly.

Rebelz Games has already created and introduced four successful games: Madwish, Kidzwish, Rebelz and G-Kamasutra. Within 2 months MadWish Pro was the bestselling board game at Spencers Gifts. MadWish Pro is a crazy Truth or Dare game in combinations with Shots. Besides these games, we have created four TV formats and school gear that will be on the market soon. All our products are known for their flashy designs, original characters and todays street slang.

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Do you know Beer Pong? Off course you do. Beer pong is the most popular drinking game in the world. It is so popular that it has become a sport, with its own world championship. We love challenges, so we thought: let's combine the best elements of our best-seller MadWish with traditional Beer pong and created MadPong™ for you!

The principle rules of the game are the same. Throw the ball into one of the opponent’s cup and have them drink the beer inside the cup. Once you’ve eliminated all the opponents' cups, you win! The thing that makes MadPong™ different and funnier than regular beer pong are its assignments. MadPong™ has up to 63 different waterproof assignment cards that can be placed inside the cups. These assignments range from twerking to touching the fattest person in the room. We designed these assignment cards with images and not with text to make it easier to understand even when you’re drunk. If the ball falls into the cup, you will have to perform that assignment and everyone has to follow your lead. The last one to follow will take a shot.

It's not only beer anymore; we also put a shot glass into the game. Our cup, AKA King’s cup, is specially designed to prevent both the assignment card and the ball from falling into the beer you will be drinking. Making the game more hygienic. After all, who likes beer with hair and dust in it? No one!

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King's cup

Step-by-step cups

One of the main characteristics of MadPong™ is the special designed King’s cup. When we started designing this cup, the whole idea was to create a cup design that would hold the MadPong™ assignment cards and at the same time keep the inside beer clean. We created four different cup designs before we finally arrived at our final King's cup design. We started by taking the standard red cups from Beer pong as example.

Our first cup had a nice design but it didn’t hold our assignment cards steady. With our second design we tried out some unique shapes on the bottom of the cup to make it look fun. But, this shape didn’t solve the problem that we had with fitting the assignment cards inside the cup. Besides that the cup was too futuristic and deviates too much from the original red cup design. Our third design was one of the better designs that we created. The assignment cards fit perfectly inside the cup. However, the design looked too simple and similar to the regular red cup. In our final design we finally created the perfect shape for fitting the assignment cards inside the cup and the ball stayed in the cup instead of bouncing out again. Besides that, we were really happy with the final King's cup design and tested it on several occasions. On each occasion, the King's cup did exactly what it was designed for. The King's cup fits also perfectly with our slogan, King of Party Games.

Assignment cards

Another unique aspect of MadPong™ are the mad cards. What are these so called “Mad cards”? These waterproof cards represent the 63 hilarious assignments in the game which you have to fulfill. These assignments vary from touching the fattest person in the room to showing your twerking abilities. We purposely designed these assignment cards with images instead of text, this way it’s easy for everyone to understand even if you’re a little bit drunk.

Where did this project come from?

After deciding that it was time to develop a new drinking game, we researched some of the popular drinking games and found out that beer pong was by far the most popular drinking game on the market. Therefore we decided to look closer into the game to understand what makes it so popular. Our first impression of the game was that it was indeed a fun game to play but it was too simple. The interaction between the players during normal beer pong is limited to the two players which stand in front of each other. So we added a unique variety of assignment cards into the cups to create more depth. This way, the other players in the room will also have more engagement during the game. In simple words, we combined our best-seller MadWish with traditional Beer pong and created MadPong™, the best thing since beer pong!

What drives us?

Succes isn't about how much money you make; it's about the difference you make in people's lives

In an era of digital entertainment, where people are glued to their smart phones and TV screens, we think it is important to bring people back together to have fun and interact with each other. Besides doing all types of different assignments together, we believe that MadPong™ will bring back the excitement, brotherhood and love which we used to experience by playing a game. All players have more fun and no one stands idle during the entire game. Another aspect that drove us to this idea was solving a problem. The biggest problem with beer pong is the dirty ball that falls into your drink. You don’t want to dip the ball in a water cup each time you have to throw, it’s annoying. Besides that who guarantees that the ball will get clean? With the double function of the King’s cup, this problem is solved. No more water cups and no more dirt inside your drink.

Meet the Rebelz

Bülent Yildiz (Managing Director/Founder)

is the concept developer and the person who brought MadPong™ to life.

Aniel Guda (Graphic Designer)

is our main graphic designer for MadPong™ and is also the person who designed the assignment cards.

Zjir Karwan (Marketing)

is our main marketing manager who creates awareness for MadPong™ through press releases and constructed the Kickstarter page.

Emanuel Silva (Online Marketing)

is our social media fanatic who keeps all our MadPong™ followers up to date with the progress and everything else going on.

Joey Filemon (Web & Interaction)

is the person who designed our new Rebelz Games website and helped with editing the MadPong™ videos.

Aytug Yildrim (Public Relations)

is the person who communicates our key messages to the public in order to maintain a good understanding.

Joey Bos (DevOps & Development)

is the person responsible for application and infrastructure development and integrating the work of the designers.

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